Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa vows to reform Property Taxes in NYC

A Moving Jam in

Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa vows to refund NYPD, crackdown on protests

Curtis Sliwa vows to end "Kill" Shelters
if elected NYC Mayor

A Moving Jam in #NYC

Curtis Sliwa on Newsmax TV Fri 3/19/21

Curtis Sliwa announces his candidacy for the Mayor of New York City on March 15, 2021

Patriotic Speech on Memorial Day in College Point Queens

Speech Defending Martial Arts at the World Marital Arts Expo in Atlantic City

Guardian Angels take action following a recent spike in NYC subway crime

Apr 9, 2020: Guardian Angels hit the streets amid coronavirus crisis

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa defies de Blasio's no-swim order at Coney Island

Curtis Sliwa describes a pitched battle with New York looters: 'We don't surrender or retreat'

Curtis Sliwa In Cuba Playing Stick Ball and its unofficial "Commissioner of Stickball"