In 2017, Curtis Sliwa was arrested for the 77th time while trying to serve court ordered papers on Mayor de Blasio at Gracie Mansion. At the time, Sliwa was chairman of NYC’s reform party. Sliwa believed that Mayor de Blasio had recently had the reform party candidate removed from the city election ballot.

In response to this suppressive act, Sliwa tried to serve papers but was arrested for disorderly conduct. After the incident, Sliwa was quoted saying, “The mayor really only has himself to blame. He started this, and the way he wants to finish this is to have me arrested while functioning in my duty as the New York state Reform Party chairman. What’s the problem? Just take the papers, show up in court. Make your argument. Be a man, don’t be a wuss. Don’t run away in your SUV and do your workout in Park Slope.”