Curtis Sliwa Receives $2.6 Million in Matching Funds, Adding to His Campaign’s Growing Momentum

Immediately Challenges Eric Adams to September Debate 

NEW YORK:  New York City mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa received $2,603,153on Thursday through the Campaign Finance Board’s public matching funds program, further adding to his campaign’s growing momentum on the ground and on social media.

As the Independent and Republican candidate in the NYC mayoral race, Curtis Sliwa is running an unprecedented mayoral campaign.

Driven by a grassroots base, Sliwa has shattered fundraising records in terms of both the number of individual donors and the lowest average contribution amount.

While some mayoral candidates are amassing donations from billionaires and lobbyists in the Hamptons, Sliwa has focused his fundraising efforts on New York City’s working class—in other words, the people that can actually vote in the NYC mayoral election.

Breaking fundraising records, Sliwa’s strategy has proven highly successful in terms of financial and electoral support.

Despite his fundraising successes, Sliwa’s commitment to the People is paramount. For this reason, Sliwa’s first action after attaining matching funds is to challenge mayoral candidate Eric Adams to a September debate.

The People should determine the outcome of elections—not money.

Currently, the NYC Campaign Finance Board has only scheduled two 1-hour debates. So based on this schedule, NYC voters will only have two hours of candidate debate to determine the fate of the most important municipal election in our lifetime. That is a travesty.

The voters deserve to hear from their candidates, and they deserve to know where their candidates stand on every important issue facing the City. Two hours of debate will not cut it.

To put this brevity in perspective, you can barely drive from New York City to a Hamptons fundraiser in the amount of time currently scheduled for debate. And if you were arriving at La Guardia for a flight to Europe, you’d be able to watch the whole debate before even passing TSA and reaching your departure gate.

That is clearly not enough time to debate; Eric Adams would certainly understand how short this debate time actually is.

Therefore, a third debate must be added in September to ensure that voters know exactly where the candidates stand on the issues.

The Democratic mayoral primary alone featured four separate televised debates. And to date, the CFB has doled out over $109 million in taxpayer money to candidates through its “public matching funds” system.

Yet, that same CFB can’t even schedule more than two hours of debate to allow the voters to determine the next Mayor. This failure is inexcusable and tramples upon what-should-be a free, open, and transparent democratic process.

Whether or not the CFB schedules another debate, the mayoral candidates owe it to the People to schedule a third debate in September.

Sliwa will debate Eric Adams any time and any place—even out in the Hamptons if that’s what it takes.

Let’s get this September debate scheduled and give the voters what they deserve: a real discussion about the future of our City.

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