In his pursuit of the position of Mayor of New York City, Curtis Sliwa has made his position on several important issues facing New Yorkers very well known. Famously, Sliwa is known for his staunch pro-law enforcement and pro-animal rights platforms. However, Sliwa’s position are much more far reaching than that, and one topic that Sliwa has always been passionate about is education within New York City.

Curtis recently called for more charter schools as well as private and religious schools to open their doors in New York City. His goal is to give parents in low-income areas a chance to offer parents a way to improve their children’s educations as a part of his 12-step education plan. Additionally, Sliwa also called for colleges to offer students three-year college degree pathways, which could help save students a significant amount of money in the long run.

“With this comprehensive education plan, Curtis Sliwa definitively establishes himself as the Education Candidate in the mayoral race,” says Sliwa’s policy advisor Oliver Roberts. “Sliwa’s plan reopens schools, reduces class sizes, improves working conditions and salaries for teachers, creates new ‘magnet’ programs for historically low-income communities, earmarks necessary funding for students with disabilities, and fundamentally transforms the college degree model to save students money. In Curtis Sliwa’s NYC, everybody wins.”

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