Curtis Sliwa is certainly no stranger to the spotlight, both in his Mayoral run and in his history in New York City prior to this most recent endeavor. However, a recent article from New York Magazine, in which several original members of the Guardian Angels were interviewed, took a deeper dive into Sliwa’s dedication to New York City. Among those interviewed was Arnaldo Salinas, an original Guardian Angel who to this day remains the group’s Senior Director. Salinas attributes much of the group’s lasting success to Curtis’ magnetic personality.

According to Salinas, in regards to Sliwa’s magnetism, “‘He or she could use it for wrong or for right,’ he explains. ‘You have your Jimmy Jones who was just as charismatic and got people to drink the juice, so to speak.’ But Sliwa ‘made sure our moral compass was always facing north no matter what.’”

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