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Sliwa stops crazed NYC man flipping out on passersby →
New York Post – July 21st, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate argues decades of unarmed patrol experience outpaces Democrats’ political play →
Fox News – July 18th, 2021

Eric Adams blew an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to hire more cops: Curtis Sliwa →
New York Post – July 13th, 2021

Give Curtis Sliwa a Chance to Revive New York City →
Letters to the New York Post – June 26th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa, ‘Guardian Angels’ founder, wins GOP nomination in NYC mayoral race →
Fox News – June 23rd, 2021

Curtis Sliwa cruises to easy win over Mateo in Republican primary for NYC mayor →
New York Post – June 22nd, 2021

One-On-One With NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa →
One America News – June 18th, 2021

Rep. Malliotakis endorses Curtis Sliwa in GOP mayoral primary →
New York Post – June 15th, 2021

Giuliani endorses Sliwa for mayor in robocall to GOP voters →
New York Post – June 9th, 2021

Mayoral hopeful Curtis Sliwa issues warning to NYC squeegee men →
New York Post – June 1st, 2021

Curtis Sliwa to submit to get ‘Animal Welfare’ party on NYC mayoral ballot →
New York Post – May 25th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa challenges NYC mayoral candidates to ride subways for 24 hours →
New York Post – May 17th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa calls for a boost to police funding →
NY1 – May 12th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa slams de Blasio as NYC’s ‘biggest meatball’ over Columbus Day flap →
New York Post – May 8th, 2021

City GOP candidates demand probe of de Blasio and wife over $1B ThriveNYC →
New York Post – May 7th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa promises Thrive investigation if elected →
New York Post – May 1st, 2021

Exclusive Interview with NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa— ‘Curtis Sliwa Is New York’ →
Breitbart – April 26th, 2021

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa is Riding The Wave →
The Wave – April 16th, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa pledges to ‘refund the police’ →
Fox News – April 15th, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa pledges to ‘refund the police’ →
Fox News – April 15th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa vows to end animal ‘kill’ shelters in NYC if elected mayor →
New York Post – April 15th, 2021

Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa vows to refund NYPD, crack down on protests →
New York Post – April 14th, 2021

Guardian Angels Founder is Running For Mayor of New York →
COL LIVE – March 18th, 2021

Mar 29

Watch: Curtis & The Guardian Angels step up Chinatown patrols

The NYC Guardian Angels, which now have a large number of Guardian Angels from China, Japan and the Philippines has doubled down on their patrols in the Asian communities of NYC.