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Curtis Sliwa says vaccine mandate violates American freedom →
New York Post – Aug 5th, 2021

NYC Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa delivers resignation demand to Cuomo’s office →
NY Daily News – Aug 4th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa slams more street shootings →
Fox News – Aug 1st, 2021

NYC mayoral hopeful Curtis Sliwa denounces subway attack that killed woman →
New York Post – July 29th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa says critical race theory is ‘creeping’ into NYC schools →
New York Post – July 27th, 2021

Sliwa proposes giving $1K to people who adopt pet from city shelter →
New York Post – July 25th, 2021

NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa calls for more security cameras in parks following rash of attempted sex assaults →
NY Daily News – July 23rd, 2021

Sliwa stops crazed NYC man flipping out on passersby →
New York Post – July 21st, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate argues decades of unarmed patrol experience outpaces Democrats’ political play →
Fox News – July 18th, 2021

Eric Adams blew an ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to hire more cops: Curtis Sliwa →
New York Post – July 13th, 2021

Give Curtis Sliwa a Chance to Revive New York City →
Letters to the New York Post – June 26th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa, ‘Guardian Angels’ founder, wins GOP nomination in NYC mayoral race →
Fox News – June 23rd, 2021

Curtis Sliwa cruises to easy win over Mateo in Republican primary for NYC mayor →
New York Post – June 22nd, 2021

One-On-One With NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa →
One America News – June 18th, 2021

Rep. Malliotakis endorses Curtis Sliwa in GOP mayoral primary →
New York Post – June 15th, 2021

Giuliani endorses Sliwa for mayor in robocall to GOP voters →
New York Post – June 9th, 2021

Mayoral hopeful Curtis Sliwa issues warning to NYC squeegee men →
New York Post – June 1st, 2021

Curtis Sliwa to submit to get ‘Animal Welfare’ party on NYC mayoral ballot →
New York Post – May 25th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa challenges NYC mayoral candidates to ride subways for 24 hours →
New York Post – May 17th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa calls for a boost to police funding →
NY1 – May 12th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa slams de Blasio as NYC’s ‘biggest meatball’ over Columbus Day flap →
New York Post – May 8th, 2021

City GOP candidates demand probe of de Blasio and wife over $1B ThriveNYC →
New York Post – May 7th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa promises Thrive investigation if elected →
New York Post – May 1st, 2021

Exclusive Interview with NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa— ‘Curtis Sliwa Is New York’ →
Breitbart – April 26th, 2021

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa is Riding The Wave →
The Wave – April 16th, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa pledges to ‘refund the police’ →
Fox News – April 15th, 2021

NYC GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa pledges to ‘refund the police’ →
Fox News – April 15th, 2021

Curtis Sliwa vows to end animal ‘kill’ shelters in NYC if elected mayor →
New York Post – April 15th, 2021

Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa vows to refund NYPD, crack down on protests →
New York Post – April 14th, 2021

Guardian Angels Founder is Running For Mayor of New York →
COL LIVE – March 18th, 2021

Sep 16

Errol Louis Releases Several Pieces of Media Discussing Curtis Sliwa

Curtis Sliwa is no stranger to publicity, having put himself into the spotlight here in New York City for the past 40 years through his work with the Guardian Angels. Now, with his Mayoral campaign in full swing, Curtis once again finds himself as a topic of discussion and debate. Recently, Errol Louis, a Political […]

Sep 15

Curtis Has a Civil Conversation with Anti-Correctional Officer Protestor

Curtis recently attended a demonstration that was being held in favor of protecting and often under appreciated facet of the law enforcement community, correctional officers. Curtis has been openly critical of the way in which Riker’s Island is being run by Mayor de Blasio, and has promised to make changes for the benefit and safety […]

Sep 14

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Calls Out Eric Adams: Sliwa to Present Adams Specious Claims at Press Conference

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa will challenge his opponent Eric Adams on 4 key issues at a press conference Tuesday, 1 PM at Sliwa Campaign HQ.  1. Adams calls for a crackdown on Reckless Driving. But under his plan, based on his driving record with his city-issued car, it should be impounded. Since taking office as Borough President, Adams has racked up 40 traffic violations […]

Sep 11

FOX: Curtis Sliwa Interviewed on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

September 11th this year marked an important milestone for all Americans, but especially those currently living or who have lived in New York City in the past. September 11th 2021 marked the 20 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Now, on a day of somber remembrance, Curtis Sliwa appeared on […]

Mar 29

Watch: Curtis & The Guardian Angels step up Chinatown patrols

The NYC Guardian Angels, which now have a large number of Guardian Angels from China, Japan and the Philippines has doubled down on their patrols in the Asian communities of NYC.