NEW YORK CITY:  Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa will be holding a press conference at the B’way (West Gate) entrance to City Hall at 11:05 AM. on Thursday.

The event will also be live-streaming at​

The City’s Public Design Commission led by the Mayor’s Wife,  Chirlane McCray, is expected to make an announcement on Oct. 21, that the
Thomas  Jefferson statue will be removed from City Hall.

Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of  Independence, promoter of Religious Freedom in America, and the initial leader of what became the Democratic Party, will be removed after 187 years from the City Council Chambers.

Months ago, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said street signs named after former slaveholders would be changed if he became Mayor.

In July, Adams also said: ” We can’t have children walking to school buildings that are named after slave owners.”

“Would that include Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison who was the author of the Bill of Rights?” Sliwa asks.

“What is Adams’ position on the removal of the Thomas Jefferson Statue from City Hall?” Sliwa continued.

If the Mayor’s wife removes the Thomas Jefferson Statue from City Hall, Sliwa confirmed that as Mayor he will rescind that order.


When:  Thursday at 11:05 AM

Where:  Broadway (West Gate) Entrance to City Hall, NYC & Live Streaming at

Media contact:  Maria Sliwa, [email protected], 202-750-1684


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