Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa will challenge his opponent Eric Adams on 4 key issues at a press conference Tuesday, 1 PM at Sliwa Campaign HQ. 

1. Adams calls for a crackdown on Reckless Driving. But under his plan, based on his driving record with his city-issued car, it should be impounded.

Since taking office as Borough President, Adams has racked up 40 traffic violations including 14 tickets for speeding in school zones and one ticket for running a red light in just 2019 and 2020 alone.

The Borough President’s vehicle has also gotten two additional red light tickets, in 2015 and 2018, plus three more speeding tickets over that same time period for a total of 20 camera-issued moving violation tickets.

Adams’s city vehicle was hit with three bus lane violations this past March, all for blocking the lane on Jay Street, near his Borough Hall office, according to a review of the plate using How’s My Driving NY, which compiles city ticket data.

Under Adams’ plan, those charged with Reckless Driving will be suspended and revoked.  The irony is that Adams’s license would be suspended and revoked under his own plan.

“This is a case of do as I say, but not as I do,” Sliwa said of Adams.

2. Throughout the Democratic Mayoral Campaign Adams repeatedly said
that he wanted the subways and buses to be free to ride for all commuters.

Adams said he would subsidize this plan by taxing the wealthy, Wall St and the Fortune 500 companies.

Yet when he is in front of those groups he never mentions it.

“It is the dumbest idea that I have ever heard,” Sliwa said. “Both the city and state will be facing looming deficits. The crime situation in the subway and buses is already intolerable. Free Fare will only make the homeless and crime situation worse.”

Eric Adams says under his administration, all train and bus rides will be FREE – New York Magazine interview

3. While Adams is spending time with Big Business, he is ignoring Small Business owners, even though they represent the largest % of business in the city.

4. On Jan 2 Adams said he would take a flight to Florida, and said: “I’m telling all those New Yorkers that now live in Florida – I’m telling them to bring your butt back to New York.”

“That makes no sense, Sliwa said. “They are not coming back. What is he going to offer them, Corporate Welfare”?