The crime rates in our subway system have reached all-time highs, which has deterred ridership and put our City’s residents at risk. If New York City is going to make a comeback, we must restore safety to our subways. For over 42 years, I have been dedicated to patrolling our subways and streets.

Now as NYC Mayor, I will restore safety to our subways through the following actions:

    1. Add 4,500 uniformed and 500 undercover NYPD officers to patrol the subways.
    2. Add 500 MTA officers to combat fare evasion.
    3. Assign uniformed NYPD officers to patrol moving subway cars while trains are en route.
    4. Remove emotionally disturbed persons from the subways and bring them to psychiatric care facilities.
    5. Remove homeless persons from subways and bring them to homeless shelters.
nicole malliotakis for mayor
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