My Right to Business Plan recognizes that all New York City residents have a right to start a business, and as Mayor, I will eliminate the barriers currently precluding residents from exercising that right.

    1. Streamline and impose time limitations on the business permit and licensing process. All permit and licensing applications will receive a final determination within 60 days. No business should be left waiting in bureaucratic perpetuity.
    2. Create a new small business loan program that offers low-value loans ($300 to $45,000) to help small businesses in lower- and middle-income neighborhoods get off the ground.
    3. Revive and expand the NYC Business Express initiative, which provides residents with easily accessible information on the regulatory steps for starting a business.
    4. Create an Entrepreneurs and Small Business Council, which will be comprised of appointed industry leaders and tasked with advising me on the best approaches to maximize the efficacy of government-business partnerships.