1. No-Kill NYC. NYC has one of the least progressive policies for animal shelters compared to other large metropolitan areas in the country. Los Angeles has no-kill shelters and we will follow a similar model to create the same success in NYC.
  2. Using a portion of NYC shelter funding to make spay/neuter available to all NYC residents, reducing the number of animals in shelters.
  3. Using a portion of shelter funding to spay/neuter outdoor community animals. (NYC Council unanimously approved this several years ago and Cuomo vetoed it)
  4. Reinforcing the Elevating Crimes Against Animals division in the NYPD and holding the DA’s offices responsible for active prosecution of such offenders. (addressing the link between animal abuse and subsequent criminal activity)
  5. Fighting the oppressive regulations about animals in homes, such as NYCHA’s new regulation banning dogs over 15 pounds and creating incentives for landlords to ease restrictions on animal bans in rental apartments. These are 2 HUGE reasons why people have to give up pets they have owned for years and needs to stop.


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