The goal of Curtis Sliwa’s ACE-UBI Plan is to help working families meet the demands of childcare and ensure that their children receive the best possible educational services.

The ACE-UBI Plan will provide eligible working families with an annual income payment of $2,000, which may be utilized for childcare, tutors, and other education services for their children.

The program will be supported by funding re-allocations from ThriveNYC and the New York City Department of Education. Both of these existing programs maintain funding in excess of $37 billion annually. By re-allocating just 0.54% of this existing budget to ACE-UBI, we can deliver relief to 100,000 NYC families without raising a single dollar in new tax revenue.

It is time for New York City to help its children, rather than squandering assets on high-salaried Department of Education (DOE) bureaucrats and $1 billion mayoral pet-projects (ThriveNYC).

In the 2021-22 schoolyear, the Department of Education will receive over $36 billion in funding. However, an overwhelming portion of this budget will be spent on administrative bureaucracy, agencies, pensions, consultants, and other non-academic services. The DOE employs over 1,189 bureaucrats that earn $125,000 to $262,000 annually.

At the same time, NYC has wasted $1 billion on ThriveNYC. Vulnerable communities continue to struggle with mental health issues, both on the streets and in the home. We must refocus education on student learning and refocus social health and development on promoting stable family units. To refocus and achieve these goals, we must return financial power to the people—and away from wasteful bureaucrats. My ACE-UBI Plan will achieve these goals.

To be eligible for the ACE-UBI payment of $2,000 annually, families must meet the following requirements:

  1. Households with one or more children in New York City schools within the Metropolitan area. (including public, vocational, private, religious, parochial, and charter schools)
  2. Provide proof that the household parent(s) is/are actively holding employment and/or actively seeking employment.
  3. Fall within the threshold of total household income reflecting extreme poverty.

Along with his ACE-UBI Plan, Curtis will also implement an annual “Back-To-School” Sales Tax Holiday to make school supplies more affordable for working families and children.

As each new schoolyear approaches, we must ensure that our children are well-prepared for the classroom. Over the past year, the COVID pandemic has devastated families and children financially and pedagogically. This past year, our children were forced out of the classroom and into remote Zoom sessions, while losing out on months of in-person learning programs, extracurricular activities, and sports. With students now scheduled to return to in-person learning this fall, we must ensure they are optimally prepared to maximize their educational, extracurricular, and athletic opportunities. That means ensuring every child has access to adequate school supplies for the upcoming schoolyear.

To make school supplies more financially accessible for all, I am proposing an annual “Back-to-School” Sales Tax Holiday that will run for one full month from late August until late September. During the holiday period, qualifying items will be exempt from state and city sales tax including:

  1. school supplies under $50;
  2. clothing, shoes, backpacks, wallets, and handbags under $90, and
  3. personal computers and/or personal computer-related accessories up to $1,250.
  4. To implement this program at the state level, I will work with the New York State Governor and State Legislatures.