Sliwa Continues to Consolidate GOP Support

Brooklyn, NY– Former GOP Congressman Bob Turner today endorsed Curtis Sliwa for Mayor. Sliwa, a popular talk radio host and founder of the Guardian Angels is running in the Republican primary to take place on June 22nd.

Turner, who represented parts of southern Brooklyn in Congress from 2011-2013, called on New York City Republicans to back Sliwa. Turner’s support is indicative of Sliwa’s appeal to hardworking and over-taxed outer-borough residents who are the backbone of the Republican Party.

Turner stated, “Curtis Sliwa has been a fighter for New York City all of his life; for 4 decades he’s fought to make our subways and streets safe and has never hesitated to speak out against the far left lunacy of the de Blasio administration.  No one can doubt that Curtis Sliwa would be the most effective person to support our NYPD and allow them to do their jobs to protect law abiding New Yorkers.”

Sliwa, who has also been endorsed by the Brooklyn and Staten Island GOP stated, “I am honored to have the support of a real, respected Republican leader like Bob Turner. He served this city with honor, and fought hard for his constituents after Superstorm Sandy even as his own home lay in ruins.”

Sliwa said his top priority would be to “refund” the NYPD and make New York safe again.