Curtis Sliwa is no stranger to publicity, having put himself into the spotlight here in New York City for the past 40 years through his work with the Guardian Angels. Now, with his Mayoral campaign in full swing, Curtis once again finds himself as a topic of discussion and debate. Recently, Errol Louis, a Political Anchor for Spectrum News NY1 and a former political candidate himself, released several pieces of media discussing Curtis and his candidacy.

In an article for the Daily News entitled, “Curtis Sliwa, a Very Complicated Man,” Louis speaks about his friend, Curtis, and how their friendship has evolved over the years in the NYC political scene. He also describes how Curtis rose to fame in the city. The full article can be read here.

Errol, who appears on Spectrum News NY1 as a political anchor, also sat down for a segment with Gloria Pazmino to discuss Curtis’ candidacy and his chances of winning the general election as a Republican running for Mayor in NYC. Watch the full segment below:

Curtis joined Louis for an interview on Louis’ podcast, You Decide. The pair discusses a wide variety of topics, including public safety, animal rights, and Riker’s Island. The full podcast interview can be found here.