Last week, much of New York City was rocked hard by the unexpected impact of Hurricane Ida. The severe stormy weather led to flash flooding throughout several parts of the city, and across every borough. While some neighborhoods were fortunate enough to be at a high-enough level or to have proper drainage to keep the water from accumulating, other areas were not so lucky. Even now, several days later, some areas in the city are still dealing with drainage problems due to issues with the sewers.

Curtis Sliwa attempted to draw attention to the issue by emphasizing the importance of keeping our sewer system running smoothly. In doing so, he also challenged Governor Hochul and Mayor de Blasio to actually take a trip into the sewers themselves to see how badly they need to be dealt with. Sliwa said, “I would suggest to Hochul and de Blasio that they actually go into a sewer like I’ve been, go into a catch basin, and see for themselves the fact that they haven’t done any maintenance on the system,”


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