Adams admitted for the first time that he met with top gang killers.  But it accomplished nothing

Earlier today, Eric Adams was a guest on 105.1 “The Breakfast Club.”

“It can’t just be heavy-handed,” Adams said of the City’s approach to violent crime.  “I met with some of the top gang members. Some of them had bodies. Some of them have cases for bodies.  And I sat down with them to say, ‘Listen, we have to deal with them ending violence in our city.’ And I want to continue to collaborate with them, crisis management teams, and others who are doing amazing jobs to stem the violence in our city.”

When Eric Adams said “some of them had bodies,” in street terminology, that means that some of the gang leaders that he met with have killed people.  

When Eric Adams said that “some of them have cases for bodies,” that means that some of the gang members that he met with have outstanding court cases dealing with the people that they have killed.

During an interview on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Eric Adams admits to collaborating with top gang killers. 


While this is the first time Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams admits to meeting with top gang members to quell gang violence, the reverse has occurred.

There are now more gang shootings and gang killings in Brooklyn. 

Three out of 4 gang shootings in Brooklyn go unresolved. 

Meanwhile, the NYPD detectives who investigate these shootings have lost 2,000 members since defunding the police occurred.  There used to be 7,500 detectives; there are now only 5,500.

Eric Adams has not met with any of the police unions but instead meets with known gang members who have killed people. 

The following question needs to be asked of Adams – Why did you never mention this before in almost two years of campaigning for Mayor?

Were some of these gang members killers who had never been arrested or caught for the crimes that they committed?

While Eric Adams admits that he met and shook hands with gang members who have killed people, he still refuses to shake the hand of Curtis Sliwa, who has saved lives.

I will bring this up in the debate tonight, Sliwa said.