NEW YORK CITY: During his interview on “The Breakfast Club” Tuesday, Eric Adams said he met with “top gang members with bodies.”  That is a street terminology for gang leaders who have killed, says mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.

Adams needs to let the public know the following:

1. When and where did these meetings take place?
2. Which gangs did he meet with?
3. Which gang leaders did he meet with?

While meeting with gang members who have killed people, Adams has chosen NOT to meet with the Police Unions.

“This sends a horrible message to neighborhoods plagued by gangs,” Sliwa said.  “In so doing, Adams has legitimized them and has elevated their leadership.”

In addition, Adams has invited gangs to participate with City Hall if he gets elected mayor.

“This has never worked anywhere in the US, where it has been tried,” Sliwa said.

Sliwa would know, as he has Guardian Angels in each of the cities where it has failed.

Today, Sliwa will lay out his case on why this policy of Eric Adams will only lead to more violence.


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