Curtis Sliwa went to-to-toe with some of NYC’s squeegee men, telling them to clean up their act before he runs them out of town.

“Remember me? I ran you out before,” said Sliwa to one of the men acting as the head of the squeegee crew. The man taunted Curtis, stating that he would not win the Mayoral race, but Sliwa fired back that if he does win, then, “out come the handcuffs.”

Later, when asked how he would plan to deal with the squeegee men if elected NYC’s Mayor, Sliwa stated, “We’re going to try to start the very first squeegee buy-back program… We’re going to sit down and negotiate a buy-back program to get the squeegees out of their hands.”

Sliwa also referenced former Mayor Rudy Giulliani , who went to war with the squeegee men during his time in office, and noted that he planned to do the same.