BROOKLYN, New York:  Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels will be holding a 12 PM press conference today at Wyckoff and Hoyt Streets in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.  

Sliwa will explain the following anti-crime initiative, which would prevent the surge of gang violence and the recent spate of teen shootings.

  • We cannot eliminate the Gang database, we must instead strengthen it.
  • The Raise the Age law – which requires 16 – 17-year-olds charged with violent crimes to be tried as juveniles has become a gang’s way of avoiding adult time for its shooters. It must be changed.
  • Stop, Question and Frisk must become an option to be used by police in combatting these growing number of shootings of juveniles by juveniles.​

Sliwa will speak at the location of Friday’s shooting where a 16-year-old victim and unintended target, was hospitalized in grave condition following a shooting at a playground.

Over the past few days:

  • A 16-year-old was shot dead in broad daylight outside a NYCHA complex in East New York, Brooklyn, on Tuesday.
  • A 17-year-old boy was struck in the chest by a stray bullet Tuesday night.
  • A 16-year-old boy was shot in the chest and killed on a street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.
  • A 14-year-old was wounded in the ankle by another stray bullet while walking in the Wakefield section of The Bronx on Monday.
  • A 16-year-old boy took a bullet in the leg in Harlem after a verbal argument with the unknown gunman
  • An 18-year-old was killed in a drive-by shooting in Canarsie, Brooklyn, Wednesday night.

Over the course of three days alone, six teens were murdered.

So far this year, the number of shootings involving kids under age 18 has soared to 105, from just 48 over the first nine months of 2019. More than three times as many kids (21) were killed by street violence the first nine months of this year than in the same period of 2020 (six).