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NEW YORK, July 1, 2021:  NYC Republican mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa, accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of refusing to beef up the NYPD because he’s a “police hater” — as Hizzoner claimed that President Biden was referring to other cities when he authorized the use of COVID-19 funds to hire more cops.

During a news conference outside One Police Plaza on Thursday, Sliwa blasted the new, $98.7 billion city budget, which, as The Post reported Wednesday, added just $200 million to the NYPD budget for overtime and IT after $1 billion was slashed last year amid calls to “defund the police.”

Curtis Sliwa held a copy of the New York Post while he discussed Bill de Blasio’s defunding of the police and the increase in shootings in NYC. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“You now have almost a billion-dollar budget — more than most countries — and you still won’t re-fund the police!” Sliwa said.

“Which means you’re a police hater! There is no doubt about it.”

Sliwa added: “The reality is we need more police, we need to hire more police. We need to take the handcuffs off the police and put it on the criminals.”

Curtis Sliwa speaks to the media in Times Square on June 28, 2021, following another daytime shooting in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images