NEW YORK CITY:  Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa and Animal Rights supporters  to hold a press conference at the horse carriage line up on 6th Ave. and CPS, NYC on Tue, 12 PM

The group will then enter the subway to distribute fliers to MTA TWU Local 100 members urging them to support the plan of replacing horse-drawn carriages with electric carriages, so their members will not lose their jobs.

“Getting rid of the Horse and Carriage industry is part of my animal welfare platform,” Sliwa said. “Like other cities, we will replace this barbaric industry with electric carriages.”

NYC Carriage horses exist in cruel, unnatural living and working conditions. Many collapse in traffic, are sick or injured, and even drop dead on the streets.  NYC can do better for workers and horses.

A simple solution is to protect the jobs of TWU carriage drivers by transitioning to horseless electric-powered carriages.  This would create more profitable, safer, and humane jobs for drivers.  Electric carriages are used in many other cities.