NEW YORK:  August 3, 2021 – During his press conference Tuesday on gun violence, NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa addressed the breaking news report by NY Attorney General Letitia James on Governor Andrew Cuomo.


“If this isn’t a statement of why Cuomo must go, I don’t know what is.  Andrew Cuomo was so quick to accuse everyone else of sexual harassment.  There is a long litany of people he has said should have been forced to leave their positions or not be considered for electoral office.  He was so quick to be judgmental.  And now the weight of evidence is clearly against Cuomo.  He could do us all a big favor by resigning now. He should resign now and let his Lieutenant Governor take charge. Let’s get rid of Cuomo once and for all for this, and for all the deaths of all those elderly people because of his executive order on Covid-19”

WATCH Sliwa’s complete statement:


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