As the 2021 Mayoral Race in New York City draws closer to its climax, Republican Curtis Sliwa has become increasingly critical over his Democratic opponent, Eric Adams’, harmful policies and stances. One area in which Sliwa has been noticeably vocal would be in regard to Adams’ tax plans. Adams’ has been vocal about removing fares from the MTA, subsidizing travel costs. In order to pay for this, Adams plans on instituting a tax increase on wealthy New Yorkers. However, Sliwa has called out Adams for being hypocritical, given that despite how critical Adams has supposedly been about wealthy elites, he seems to have no issue spending his free time with these people, having been observed attending meetings at a private members club where people such as the NBA’s James Harden and even Paris Hilton have attended. Adams has even been seen with young TikTok sensations Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, which seems to reflect poorly on his priorities and indicates that he doesn’t have as much of an issue with the wealthy elites that he claims to.


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