TV AD: “Compassionate Solutions”

Watch Curtis’ first TV commercial. Curtis has dedicated his life to keeping us safe and helping the homeless, and saving our animals. To bring our city back, we need compassionate solutions. Curtis has done it his whole life, and he will do as the next Mayor of NYC. 



There’s plenty of ways you can get involved and help elect Curtis. Team Sliwa is growing every day, and we want you to join us! Let us know how you’d like to help.

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Explore Curtis Sliwa’s record of service to New York City.

Born into a Catholic family of Polish & Italian Descent in Canarsie, Brooklyn
At 14, Opens the First Recycling Center in Brooklyn
Forms the "Rock Brigade" to Clean Up NYC Streets
"The Magnificent Thirteen" Formed to Stop Crime in the Subways
Forms the Guardian Angels.
Started his media career at WABC
Kidnapped and Shot in a Targeted Mob Hit
Forms the Junior Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels in 9 countries and 82 cities
Marries long-time girlfriend and attorney Nancy Regula
Battles Looters During Riots
Runs for Mayor of NYC
Sep 16

Errol Louis Releases Several Pieces of Media Discussing Curtis Sliwa

Curtis Sliwa is no stranger to publicity, having put himself into the spotlight here in New York City for the past 40 years through his work with the Guardian Angels. Now, with his Mayoral campaign in full swing, Curtis once again finds himself as a topic of discussion and debate. Recently, Errol Louis, a Political […]

Sep 15

Curtis Has a Civil Conversation with Anti-Correctional Officer Protestor

Curtis recently attended a demonstration that was being held in favor of protecting and often under appreciated facet of the law enforcement community, correctional officers. Curtis has been openly critical of the way in which Riker’s Island is being run by Mayor de Blasio, and has promised to make changes for the benefit and safety […]

Sep 14

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Calls Out Eric Adams: Sliwa to Present Adams Specious Claims at Press Conference

Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa will challenge his opponent Eric Adams on 4 key issues at a press conference Tuesday, 1 PM at Sliwa Campaign HQ.  1. Adams calls for a crackdown on Reckless Driving. But under his plan, based on his driving record with his city-issued car, it should be impounded. Since taking office as Borough President, Adams has racked up 40 traffic violations […]

Sep 14

CityLimits: Curtis Sliwa Targets Mayoral Rival Eric Adams Over Tax Plans and TikTok Pals

As the 2021 Mayoral Race in New York City draws closer to its climax, Republican Curtis Sliwa has become increasingly critical over his Democratic opponent, Eric Adams’, harmful policies and stances. One area in which Sliwa has been noticeably vocal would be in regard to Adams’ tax plans. Adams’ has been vocal about removing fares […]